Brand Protection

Deep learning-powered brand protection and domain monitoring platform that detects and takes down phishing sites, scam content, and copyright infringements across the open web, social media, app stores, and dark web.

Check Icon Protecting companies of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500s.

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One Platform to Automate Your Brand Protection Journey

The Bolster platform automates the detection, continuous monitoring, and remediation across multiple external attack vectors.

Our Technology

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Seamless Brand Protection Automation

2 Million
URLs Scan Per
Top-level domains

Step 1 : Automated Domain & Social Media. Monitoring

Monitor over 12 social media platforms and 400 app stores

Step 2 : AI-Based Detection

Out of the box detection for phishing, brand infringement, scams, and typosquat attacks

Step 3 : Automatic Triage and Remediation

Neutralize threats without human intervention
Forrester Report


Achieve 4X ROI on Bolster's Automated Brand Protection Platform

Forrester conducts independent research on how companies can cut costs

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Get a personalized demo and see how you can detect and remediate threats like never before.

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